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Congratulations on the success of Oree Laser training

02, 2019

by oreelaser

Recently, Oree Laser held a two-day and one-night training event.


The event focused on the theme of “communication, cooperation and endeavor”, promoting the corporate culture of the group company, enhancing the cohesiveness of the group company, strengthening communication and cooperation between the companies and departments, and enhancing the collective sense of honor and belonging of the employees of the company. At the same time, this team building activity has once again stimulated the positive attitude of middle and high-level managers and backbones, unifying the management concepts of middle and high-level, and enhancing the team cohesion of the backbone.

From February 21st to February 22nd, the two-day and one-night corporate group building activities were successfully completed. Let's take a look at each of the wonderful moments between them.


The company organized a series of exciting activities such as various competitions, like you said I guess, three people and four feet, and cleverly picked up the beads and so on. The employees fully exerted the spirit of teamwork, and did not dare to be difficult, and completed the activities one after another.


The scenes of the event are passionate, warm and harmonious. The employees in each event are tacitly coordinated, and they carry forward the spirit of selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, mutual help, encouragement, and passion for youth.


The group building activities strengthened the communication and collaboration between employees, and also let everyone deeply understand that the strength of a person is limited. As the saying goes, monofilament is not in line, and the wood is not a forest! The strength of a team is indestructible. The success of the team requires the joint efforts of each of our members.


At the same time, this internal training will make the corporate culture more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, strengthen the loyalty of the participants, eliminate the departmentalism, strengthen the coordination awareness, improve the performance of the work, and encourage employees to have higher morale, greater autonomy and more work relationship. Coordination, greatly enhance and strengthen the teamwork skills of the employees.

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