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Oree laser with six major points to take you to explode 2018 Shanghai Industry Fair

09, 2018

by Oree laser

On September 23, the 2018 China International Industry Fair came to a close at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). This year's Industry Fair lasted for 5 days, attracting 174,000 professional visitors from home and abroad, an increase of 3.6% over the same period last year. This year's Industry Fair has set up 8 professional exhibition areas, 12 exhibition halls. And there are 2,631 exhibitors from 27 countries and regions, participating in this exhibition.

As one of the exhibitors, Oree Laser attracted a large number of visitors to the booth during the exhibition, and completed several on-site signings with fruitful results,which come from the recognition of customers. At the Shanghai Industrial Fair, there are six major points of Oree Laser are most favored by customers.

一.Booth display


二.Star machine display

In this exhibition, Oree Laser participated in the exhibition with two star equipments such as 6000W protective fiber laser cutting machine and economic fiber laser cutter as the focus of the exhibition of Oree exhibition hall. In addition,Oreelaser show the two major equipments cut different metal materials on site, showing visitors the full strength of Oreelaser.


三.Fiber laser cutting machine selling point display

1.Cast iron bed

Compared with the welded bed commonly used in the market, Oree laser equipment adopts graphite cast iron bed.  With the advantages of the cast iron bed like high carbon content, compressive strength and hardness and high shock absorption and wear resistance. Besides that good casting performance and cutting performance. All which ensure the accuracy of the machine tool will remain unchanged for 50 years. Therefore, it is crushing compared with other beds from hardness, compressive strength or msachine life.


2.Cast aluminum beam

This air-grade cast aluminum beam is light in weight and strong in rigidity, and can realize high-speed cutting of various figures while satisfying the accuracy.


3.laser head

Oree laser adopts Raytools auto-focusing laser head, which perfectly solves the two major problems of different thickness of metal to replace different focal length laser heads and manual manual focusing and time-consuming and labor-intensive errors. With auto focus function, the same laser head can quickly change the focusing mirror of different focal lengths to meet the cutting of metal sheets of different thicknesses, which not only saves manpower and material resources, but also greatly improves cutting efficiency and precision.


四.Customer recognition 

At this year's Industry Fair, the strength of Oree Laser has been fully recognized and praised by customers.



五.On-site signing

At this  Industry Fair, the strength of Oree Laser has been fully recognized by customers. Not only has it reached a cooperation intention with more than 100 visiting customers, but also customers have signed cooperation agreements directly at the exhibition site.


六.Full harvest

This is a successful exhibition for Oreelaser. Oree Laser issued the strongest sound from Chinese manufacturing to  Chinese brands. It is a renewed enthusiasm for the brand of “Laser changes the world, Oree creates the future”, and it is a start again with a new glory  of Oreelaser.

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