Oreelaser return a visit to Thailand

11, 2018

by Oreelaser

When we are still addicted to the beauty of the early winter, Oree overseas partners have already set off to Thailand. This return visit coincides with Thanksgiving. We are visiting every new and old customer with enthusiasm and gratitude. Thank you for your support and trust along the way. In the future, our Oree laser will be better.

On the way back, we will also be eager for the beautiful scenery along the way.

Under the Oree laser lens - Grand Palace

Known as the "Thailand Art Museum, this collection of Thai paintings, sculptures and decorative arts is one of the best places you can't miss."


Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is a representative tourist destination in Southeast Asia.


After all, the purpose of our trip is to visit our customers. Our arrival is welcomed by new and old customers. Such a harmonious style of painting, so happy to cooperate.




The recognition of the customer is undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of our Oree laser. You trust us, we will live up to what you want.

During the return visit, we accidentally signed several protective fiber laser cutting machines. The machine is equipped with IPG fiber laser, which is highly recognized by customers regardless of cutting speed or cutting accuracy. In addition, the machine is equipped with fully enclosed laser protection glass to prevent laser damage, closed operation and multiple protection. In addition, the environmentally-friendly automatic dust collection system conforms to the green technology concept and is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Definitely your best choice.


The pace of Oreelaser has never stopped, let the world fall in love with Oree laser.

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