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The 27th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition was successfully closed

03, 2019

by oreelaser

The 27th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition ended on March 8, 2019. This exhibition aims to explore the new development of future advertising logos. The Shanghai International Advertising Festival will be used as a link to let China see the world and let the world see the development of China's science and technology.

In response to the main purpose of the exhibition, Oreelaser deliberately launched three star products: middle sheet fiber laser cutting machine OR-FM, CO2 laser engraving machine, desktop fiber laser marking machine R-T, to meet your all kinds of cutting and marking needs in the advertising industry. 


During the exhibition, the flow of merchants reached 200,000 people, involving more than 30 countries and regions. Especially for the laser industry. With its professional service and excellent product quality, Oree Laser has become a beautiful landscape at the exhibition. It has won a lot of customers to stop and watch at home and abroad.








What is more worth mentioning is that the star products we exhibited were all sold out on the spot. The entire exhibition successfully signed a number of star exhibits and sold them to different countries and regions. This is undoubtedly the greatest support and affirmation of the quality of Oreelaser and our laser machine!

Please join us to witness the exciting signing ceremony:







For many years, Oreelaser has been committed to cutting-edge technology, pursuing a standardized production model and creating first-class quality equipment. This is the basis for Oree laser to go to the international market and realize corporate value. At this exhibition, our company has gained a lot.

In the future, Oree Laser will continue to adhere to the heart, improve the production technology system, to simplify the operation procedures and optimize the core technology as the center, the level of progress, improve the quality of fiber laser cutting machine, engraving machine and marking machine. At the same time, we constantly improve the quality of after-sales service and upgrade the product system to relieve customers of worries.

In addition, there will be a good news for us. Oree Laser is actively preparing for the Russian International Machine Tool Show in May 2019. We will be give us a big surprise on site. If you are interested in laser or laser machine. Oree laser must be your best choice to process metal material whether cut, engrave or mark. We will update the details of the exhibition news in time. Welcome to join us.

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