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Congratulations to Russian customers for his certificate of completion

11, 2018

by Oreelaser

Recently, a special customer came to workshop of Oree Laser. A young man from Russia with full of enthusiasm came to the factory to learn the operation and application of the laser cutting machine.

The Overseas Marketing Department specially invited the process training engineer to arrange systematic training matters for the customer.

On the first day, the process trainer explained the theoretical knowledge of the laser cutting machine and the precautions of the operation process.

The next day, the process training teacher took the customer to the production equipment workshop to be familiar with the laser cutting machine’s working principle, operation precautions, cutting data, etc.

The customer has been able to independently complete the drawing and adjust the relevant parameters under the guidance of our process trainers.


On the third day, the process trainer took the customer to practice the laser cutting machine to cut the metal materials of different materials and thicknesses, and actually operated the laser cutting machine to cut the plate metal samples. Under the guidance of the process trainer, the customer can independently operate the machine and Cutting related metal sheets and other materials.



After a few days of study, the customer has been familiar with the fiber laser cutting machine’s operation and work principle. The customer is very satisfied with our training. He not only respect our professional laser cutting knowledge, but also are very satisfied with our laser equipment. In order to express our sincerity, Oreelaser Process Training Group awarded the completion certificate to the client for encouragement.



Oreelaser is open arms to welcome domestic and foreign laser equipment demanders and enthusiasts to visit and study to our factory. Lasers change the world, and Oreelaser creates the future together.

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