Delivery boom of Oreelaser

10, 2018

by oreelaser

No matter which industry you are in, I believe you must have heard of a concept like "Golden September and Silver 10". In fact, it is a prime time in business widely used in commercial concept during the year. In this harvest season, Oree laser, which is in the process of rising development, also ushered in the customer procurement boom. There are a steady stream of purchase orders from both home and abroad. The workshops of the factory are also in full swing.

Workshop production

Even under the premise of a large order quantity, Oree laser still adheres to the principle of quality first. Every part of the laser cutting machine, even a screw must pass a strict quality inspection system. We ensure that every machine starts in the best condition and reaches every customer in the most perfect position. Because we always believe that quality is the best way to give back to customers’trust.




Pack and cart

After the unremitting efforts of the entire team, all the laser cutting machines have been ready to go.



Transportation and departure



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